How to Fix iPad Not Connecting to the Internet

Is your iPad not connecting to the internet? There can be many reasons behind this. It could be because of an app or software, misconfigured Wi-Fi network, router, or ISP problems may be preventing your iPad from connecting to the internet. Try the below troubleshooting method to identify the problem and fix it.

How to fix the Wi-Fi connection issue

If the iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi but unable to use the internet, then try these solutions. Some of these fixes can also work on the iPad having cellular network but facing the same issue.

1.    Access another app or website

Open your iPad’s (Safari or Chrome) web browser, and try to access a working website or webpage such as Google or any other popular site. If you’re reading this on your troubling iPad then obviously the problem is with a particular app or service not with the whole device. Possibly, the website you’re trying to access has a problem. So, wait for the site or app to get fixed by developers.

2.    Restart the iPad

Restarting is an effective fix for many of the problems, it merely refreshes your device.  It is a primary troubleshooting method. So, restart your iPad by holding down the power or sleep button and slide to the power off. Allow it to shut down completely, and then hold down the button again to restart.

3.    Reconnect iPad to the Wi-Fi network

If the iPad is already connected to a Wi-Fi network, still you’ve to try this. In your iPad’s settings, you will find the Wi-Fi settings, access the Wi-Fi settings and check whether you’re connected to a right Wi-Fi network. If you’re, then forget the network and connect again. You can also connect it with another Wi-Fi network if available. Networks with lock can’t be connected without entering the security password.

4.    Reset your iPad’s network settings

Maybe there is some glitch or misconfiguration in the network settings that prevents your iPad from using the internet.

1.    Open iPad’s settings.

2.    Select ‘General.’

3.    Go to ‘Reset.’

4.    Select ‘Reset Network Settings.’

This way iPad’s network settings will reset, and your iPad can connect to the internet.

5.    Disconnect other connected devices

Connecting multiple devices with the same Wi-Fi network will divide the bandwidth this causes all devices to receive a small part of the network bandwidth. If your iPad is also connected with such network, remove the other devices from the network. This will provide your iPad better connectivity and hence more speed too.

If still, your iPad is in the problem, try resetting it but before resetting, check and restart your router. Might be there’s any hardware problem in your iPad, contact Apple support to give your iPad a professional look.

How to fix the cellular data issue

In addition to the above troubleshooting tips, you can also try out this to fix the cellular data problems.

1.    Restart the Cellular data:

•    Open iPad’s settings.

•    Click ‘Cellular.’

•    Turn off cellular data.

•    Wait and again turn it on.

2.     Reinsert your SIM: if refreshing the cellular data doesn’t do anything, remove your SIM card from the iPad and reinsert it.

If still, you’re unable to use the internet on your iPad, call your network provider.

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